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Sagab Magnet Stick Magnetic Field Indicator Probe Pen

Sagab Magnet Stick Magnetic Field Indicator Probe Pen

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Manufacturer: Sagab
Part No:  Magnet Stick
Condition: New surplus item that comes in manufacturer's packaging.
Description: Magnet field indicator pen.

The Magnet Stick provides safe and simple checking for the presence of magnetism. Upon testing and without metallic contact, the lamp lights immediately where there is a magnetic field (e.g. an activated coil in a solenoid valve). Equipment can be tested without having to switch it off and magnetic coils can often be tested through their protective cover, saving hours of dismantling time.

The Magnet Stick responds to all kinds of magnetic fields from alternating or direct current, to permanent magnets. Powerful red light in the tip indicates presence of a magnetic field.
– Testing operating solenoid valves in pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment
– Testing relays with coils and electrically-controlled solenoid valves in all types of vehicles and machines
– Testing solenoid valves when servicing oil burners

300 Gauss, (0,3 mT)V

Response Time:

2 x 1,5V AAA (supplied)

Relative Humidity:
80% @ 30°C, 50% @ 40°C

Operating Temperature:
-20 ~ +50°C


Dimensions / Weight:
145(L) x 18(Ø) mm / 35g